& A

  1. How do I book a parking space at Smart Camper Stop?

    In the booking form, you

    1. Set the arrival and departure date.
    2. Enter the number of guests traveling together in the motorhome.
    3. Enter the guest contact information.
    4. Select and order local products. Your order will be waiting for you upon arrival.
    5. Pay.

    After receiving the payment, you will receive a QR code to enter the Smart Camper Stop.

  2. Can I enter the Smart Camper Stop if I don't have a reservation?

    YES, if there is free space (not occupied or not booked).

    Scan QR code at entry to open the "drive-in" form, where you can check if there is free place. You follow the steps described in next Question 3.

  3. What is Drive-in reservation?

    Drive-in is for guests who arrive without a reservation. To check if there is free parking space at the Smart Camper Stop (unoccupied or unreserved) you:

    1. Scan the QR code on the information board at the entry.
    2. Check the availability of parking spaces.

    If there is free parking space, continue with the booking:

    1. Enter the number of guests/passengers in the motorhome.
    2. Enter your contact information.
    3. Choose and order a local offer (optional).
    4. Pay.

    And wait for the QR code (in the form or e-mail) and enter the Smart Camper Stop.

  4. What payment methods can I use?

    You can use credit cards for online payment. No cash payment is possible.

  5. How do I enter Smart Camper Stop?

    To enter the Smart Camper Stop, use the QR code you received with your booking confirmation by e-mail or in the form.

    If you don't have a QR code yet, you can make a "drive-in" reservation (see Question 3).

  6. How can I drive from (check-out) Smart Camper Stop?

    You can enter and exit the Smart Camper Stop at any time during the active reservation. Booked parking space will be keept for you.

    Only one exit is allowed on the day of departure.

  7. Do I need a printed booking confirmation?

    It is important that you have your QR code ready when entering the Smart Camper Stop.QR code can be printed or displayed (saved) on a mobile device.

  8. Why do I need to check in guests in motorhome?

    Slovenian legislation requires all tourists to register their stay at any tourst facility and also pay tourist tax to support local community.

    You can check in at any time during your stay within 12 hours after first entry.

    Use the online form for fast check in available on the link we sent you via email and/or SMS. Be sure to enter the data correctly.

  9. Can I cancel my booking?

    The conditions for cancelling a reservation are set by each Smart Camper Stop. To cancel, please contact directly Smart Camper Stop.

  10. Can I extend my stay at Smart Camper Stop?

    You can extend your stay at Smart Camper Stop if there are free parking spaces (not occupied or booked). In order to extend your stay, complete the "drive-in" reservation (Question 3).

  11. Who can I contact if I have questions?

    In case of additional questions, you can contact directly the Smart Camper Stop. Contact information is on their website.

  12. Do I have guaranteed parking space if I make a reservation?

    Yes. With each reservation, the Smart Camper Stop system checks whether a free parking space is available in the period.

  13. What can I do if I haven't received the booking confirmation?

    First, check messages in SPAM folder.

  14. I ordered local goods and services. How can I pick up the ordered products?

    Smart Camper Stop has modern parcel boxes for deliveries where the suppliers will drop off your order in time of your stay. The order will wait for you at the agreed time, and you will be informed about the collection method using your mobile phone.

  15. What services are available at Smart Camper Stop

    It depends on the Smart Camper Stop. For an exact list of available services, check the Smart Camper Stop web description. A set of integrated smart services:

    • smart connections for electricity, water,
    • smart gates,
    • delivery of local products,
    • online reservation of a parking space,
    • online guest registration,
    • online payments.